Door Hanger Special

Job Site Marketing Made Easy with Door Hangers

Do you have a service business that does HVAC, Plumbing, Construction, Painting, Contracting, Electrical, Pest Control, etc? You can easily turn every job site into a marketing opportunity!

They are super easy to use. Anytime you start a new job and before you do anything else, put a door hanger on the immediate 10 or so homes next to your customer. That’s it, no knocking on doors, no awkward cold calls. The door hangers do the talking for you and your customer helps seal the deal by confirming the great service you provide.

Call/text me Sebastian directly at 520-355-3333 or send me a message to get 500 door hangers for ONLY $186!!!

Is it time to upgrade your logo? We can help!

A little touch up can go a long way and we can do it! Here’s a recent one we did for our friends at DIR Construction. Their original logo was actually pretty good, utilizing a great concept that psychologically tied it to their industry of construction. Conceptually it also invokes a hint of being a cornerstone, a symbol of strength, that unfortunately it did not quite pull off and it’s all a little hard to read.

So we got to work! First we just tightened everything up into a cube. It’s one of the best shapes for logos as it’s compact, strong and also suggests movement or action because of its dimension. From there we focused on readability and with a few more graphic tricks and finesse it all came together nicely.

Call/text me Sebastian directly at 520-355-3333 or send me a message to give your logo an update today!!!